Julia Martínez – Upcycling Fashion is a sustainable fashion project based on the creative reuse of textile materials to make new designs.

Against the idea of using and throwing away, materials are valued and have a new life. Capsule collections of a limited number of pieces are designed, where each garment or accessory is unique.

All production is done locally, in an artisanal and experimental way, from the creation of patterns and modeling in mannequin. Many pieces are sewn by hand, such as details and appliques.

Upcycling depends on a source of unpredictable raw materials but the designs created are unique and original, there are no two alike, which gives exclusivity to the user and also provides beauty, freedom and expression.

It is a sustainable alternative to see fashion, to enjoy the charm of design but also to take care of the Earth and contribute the best of us. A new awareness for fashion and consumption.